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Chef recommends

Signature Dishes

Unser Esstisch


Der Garten


Selection of delicacies

Menu a La Carte


Mixed Greek Salad

Feta / Olives / Tomatoes


Caprese Salad

Mozarella Cheese / Tomatoes



Thinly sliced / Ruccola


Crab Cream Soup

Fresh crab / Croutons / Bread


Main Course

Dry-Aged Steak

Asparagus / Tomato / Salad


Teriyaki Salmon

Lean Beef / Basil / Grana Padano


Spaghetti Bolognese

Soy Sauce / Sesame / Seasoning



Vegetables / Mustard Sauce


Pesto Noodles

Tomatoes / Veggies




Mascarpone / Coffee / Biscuits


Apple Strudel

Cream / Vanilla Ice Cream


Waffle / Walnuts

Cream / Vanilla Ice Cream


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Nimva Restaurant
28 Kensington street Brighton, UK

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